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Site Moved to a new location

Subhashitani has moved (again). Finally, it gets its own hosted server.

New Link:

Please bookmark the new link and follow the verses there. Please bear with the inconveniences caused due to the move.

Why? How? What next?

All languages have their own collection of witty sayings that catch attention as well as serve as guiding light for leading a virtuous life.

Sanskrit being one of the oldest and richest languages, has loads of them in the form of Subhashita.
After completing the translation of Chanakya Neeti, Bhartruhari’s Neeti Shataka and Vairagya Shataka, I have now taken up a book published by Kannada Sahitya Parishattu – Subhashita Manjari. Please browse the archive for older translations.

If you have enjoyed the collection and want to support the future plans, then please feel free to make a donation. Anything more than what I need, will be used for good charitable purposes.

Transliteration by “Baraha” [http://www.baraha.com/]

Sanskrit Dictionary used: MWSDD


1. Uwe Groth - July 9, 2009

om namo sri ganeshaya sarvavighneshvaraya!

somebody tell me please, where to find subhashitani as of October 2005. There was an archive on the old page, but now? Please advise.

pkota - July 20, 2009

Please find the subhashitani archive here until geocities closes down. The site will be up till mid October 2009.


2. TRS Iyengar - August 6, 2009

Can I have the contact details of the author Prashanth K so as to send some private messags?

Prashanth Kota - August 6, 2009

prashanth dot kota at gmail dot com

3. Prashanth - September 21, 2009


Thanks for such noble work.. I am a big fan of subhashithas. Long back in school one of my Sanskrit teacher used to recite this particular Subhashita.. Not able to recollect it fully..

“Vrutha vrushti samurdreshu, vrutha trupthasya Bhojanam….. ”

Would you be aware of this particular Subhashitha? (Not sure if you have already posted it).. If so,can you please post it..

Thanks in advance..

Prashanth Kota - September 21, 2009

The subhashita you mention was published on the site on Aug 25, 2005. You can find the archive here:

I have reproduced it here for your convenience:

वृथा वृष्टिः समुद्रेषु वृथा तृप्तेषु भोजनम्।
वृथा दानं धनाद्येषु वृथा दीपो दिवापि च ॥

Rain on the seas, food given to the satisfied, charity given to the rich and lamp lighted in the day are all waste.

Prashanth - September 22, 2009

Thanks a ton, Prashanth.. You made my day!

I have been searching for the full extract of this Subhashitha from quite sometime..

Thanks again..

4. Madhavi - October 16, 2009

how can I download Sanskrit/Devanagari fonts I can not read these Subhashita, Please Help

Thank you

Prashanth Kota - October 21, 2009


Sorry for the late response.

I am making the following assumptions to help you read Sanskrit fonts.

1. You are using Windows XP operating system with greater than Service Pack 2
2. You use Internet Explorer as Browser.

Now, since you do not seem to have Unicode devanagari fonts, I suggest you download from here and install any one font from here.

You can read here to know how to install fonts:

Now close all your browsers and launch IE again. Visit the site. If you cannot see Sanskrit, please reboot once.

Proceed ahead only if you cannot see Sanskrit yet. (please have the installation CD ready)
Start -> Control Panel (Classical View) -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages -> Install Files East Asian Languages
Press OK, and reboot.

If you can not still see the fonts, then I suggest browsing the archive (for verses of 3 years). This site will be available until Oct 26th.

5. Tariq - March 9, 2010

I am looking for the five Buddhist precepts in Sanskrit. I am having a hard time finding this. Can any one provide this for me? Or give me direction to finding it. Thank you.

6. Andhika - April 8, 2010

I was wondering if you happen to know the meaning of Andhika.
I’ve been told that it’s Sanskrit but I’m not really sure what’s the meaning of it.
Do you know how to write that in Sanskrit font too?
Thank you.

संस्कृतानंतanant kulkarni - November 26, 2011

अंधुका शब्दस्य अर्थः अस्ति–१]एकः क्रीडा प्रकारः
३]विशिष्ट-्चरित्रा स्त्री
भवती संतुष्टा ?

7. NEERAJ - June 2, 2010


8. NEERAJ - June 2, 2010

How to get subhasits about Atman

Prashanth Kota - June 3, 2010

Please use the Tags to get the subhashitas on any subject.
For example:
Atma : https://subhashitani.wordpress.com/tag/atma/
Dharma : https://subhashitani.wordpress.com/tag/dharma/

NEERAJ - June 5, 2010

thanks forreply..If you have complied them in some books then how can the same be obtained. Kindly suggest.
any other books also for studies.
regards and hari om

yajush - August 31, 2010

aham yajush chennapuri vastavyah
bhavadbhih jale aarudhaah bahavah granthah samodam drishtaah
mama ekam pustakam aavashyakam
sree mahabharatha subhashitani iti tasya nama
kripaya tat preshayatu

B.K.Misra - November 16, 2011

Can you direct me to a source for some subhashitani on loving service, and happiness?

9. Swami Aksharananda - July 19, 2010

Namaskar. I have just discovered your site. It’s truly wonderful. Subhashitas alone show the richness of Hindu culture. We at Saraswati Vidya Niketan (Guyana) have made it part of our school’s curriculum.

The problem with us is that our students do not yet read Devanagari. We have just hired Sanskrit tutor from Chennai and that difficulty should be overcome soon.

But in the meantime, is there s possibility to have the verses transliterated?

Keep up this fantastic work. We will certainly look into making a small contribution.

10. ReadersHeaven - September 22, 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

11. Dr. Ashwini a. Kulkarni - September 24, 2010

Please let me know how to join this blog?

संस्कृतानंतanant kulkarni - November 26, 2011

नमोनमः —- “http:/subhashitani.wordpress.com/about ” —–अत्र संपर्कं कृत्वा भवति सुभाषितानि पठितुम शक्नोति ।अन्यत्‌ संस्कृत-्सेंट्रल इति स्थलं अस्ति ।
अनन्तः !

12. Subra - October 6, 2010

विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् ।
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम् ॥

संस्कृतानंतanant kulkarni - November 26, 2011

सुभाषितस्य अर्थः—विद्या विनयं ददाति ,विनयात्‌ पात्रताम् याति।पात्रत्वात्‌ धनं आप्नोति ,धनात्‌ धर्मं ,धर्मात्‌ सुखं आप्नोति ।\
अनन्त कुलकर्णी

13. Aditya - December 8, 2010

Thanks for such a good work…
I have copied some of the subhashitani from here.
Is that okey?

14. Chanru - April 27, 2011

hello can you tell the sanskrit verse which starts like vag yartha … jagath pitarow vande.. please let me know the verses and the meaning. thanks

Prashanth Kota - April 27, 2011

This is the opening verse of Raghuvamsha by kalidasa.

वागर्थाविव सम्पृक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तये
जगत: पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ

vAgarthAviva sampRkatau vagarthapratipattaye
jagataH pitarau vande parvatIparameshvarau

I salute to the parvati and parameshwara who are the parents of the world. Their harmony is just like the harmony between sound and meaning of a word which are interdependent/complimenting each other, and together they depict knowledge.

Chandru - April 27, 2011

Thanks a lot for the fast reply.

15. Chandru - April 28, 2011

Namaskaram, am learning sanskrit. I like reasing shubashitas and i know a few fopr which i dont know the meanings. can you please let me know the meaning for this one. देहिति वचनं कष्टम् नास्तीति वचनं तया
तस्माद देहिति नास्ती न भवेज्जन्मनि जन्मनि
(may be its already in the shubashita’s posted but am not able to search for it.)

Prashanth Kota - April 28, 2011

To ask for help (alms) and to say ‘no’ to some one are very difficult words to utter – emotionally. Let you never have you utter those words ever for many many births.

I will post this up soon.


16. JSahu - May 28, 2011

What is the meaning of “Tatwamasi shwetaketu” ?

Prashanth Kota - May 28, 2011

Literally it means “You are that, Shwetaketu.”

But it embodies the entire philosophy of Chandogya Upanishad.

17. lightalamp - July 26, 2011


I really appreciate your work in putting up these gems for everyone to read. They are so full of meaning and keep us in touch with our tradition. I have been linking my articles to your blog items from the minute I discovered this blog. May god give you the strength to continue your work and keep writing – it is truly a service for everyone.


18. ARUN ZINJURDE - September 10, 2011


19. Padmini Seshadri - September 13, 2011

I was very pleased to come across your site. I saw a couple of almost forgotten subhashitani. I am trying to recollect this shloka which I learnt in school. “Ghrutena vardate buddhihi, kseerenayu pravardate, —————————- vardhate vyadhihi, mamsam mamsena vardhate.” ” ————————————, aaye dhukham vyaye dhukham, dhigarthaha kashta samshrayaha.” Do you know these by any chance?

20. Snehaprava Misra - October 16, 2011

I m pleased 2 come across this site. pl give some slokas of subhasitani

21. DYANA - November 22, 2011


22. shankar - December 21, 2011

really good

23. Prags - February 2, 2012

I am looking for one subhashit since long time. Meaning of that is,

A very good person can be angry for just a moment or two, madhyam person can be angry for day or two, lower grade person can be angry for some years but villain will keep grudges for life time

24. Prags - February 2, 2012

This subhashit somewhat starts with Uttametu kshan Kopo…

25. dhirajlalvaidya - May 8, 2012

Dear, I am Gujarati “Modh Chaturvedi Brahmin.Utmost Retired Businessman & 75-Years of age & Heart Bipass Surgeried, Shevior Arthrities Patient.Knowing Gujarati, Hindi and English enough. But being a Brahmin I am aquiented & Interested with Sanskrit so far.I can Read and some-far understand Sanskrit.I like it Very Much.I could not explain in words, but you have granted me a LSL (Life Saving Liquire).THANKS A LOT…GOD BLESS YOU.

26. bharat - April 6, 2013

Phd working on subhashit

dhirajlalvaidya - April 6, 2013

દોસ્ત, આપનો ખૂબ-ખૂબ આભાર…. Thanks a Lot, My Friend. 


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